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As the Founder of Beenafix, Dr. John has been doing SEO in Alta Vista, Infoseek, and Yahoo since 1994; and with Google since 1999. SEO as a service has evolved drastically since the recent years when Google introduced RankBrain (Machine Learning) to understand and to predict searcher’s intention. 

According to John, a fixed package will never work for any business and it is better off to save money if one is to invest in CHEAP SEO. He believes in it and has proven throughout the years since the establishment of beenafix that: Customized SEO package should be introduced by agencies in order to reach beyond client’s business target and expectation. 

As a business owner and manager, he advised that professional SEO consultation hours are needed for one to understand further about SEO: whatSEO Expert can bring you and the approximate timeline it takes to deliver ROI for the business.


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It seemed like it should have been so simple. There was nothing inherently difficult with getting the project done. It was simple and straightforward enough that even a child should have been able to complete it on time, but that wasn’t the case. The deadline had arrived and the project remained unfinished. Don’t be scared. The things out there that are unknown aren’t scary in themselves. They are just unknown at the moment. Take the time to know them before you list them as scary. Then the world will be a much less scary place for you.

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